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Christmas Tree Decorations

Set up day

Sunday Nov. 12th, 9am-4pm & Monday, Nov. 13th, 9am to 2pm

Application deadline TBD

Guidelines for decorating a tree are found below. 

All proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels and Senior programs through Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation.

Questions contact:

Regina Yockey 830-832-0089

Festival of Trees Guidelines 

Set up: 
Sunday 9am-4pm & Monday, November 14th, 9
Villa at Gruene, 1190 Gruene Rd

Decorate on site or deliver already completed trees on Sunday November 12th or Monday November 13th. Please be scheduled to be finished by 2:00pm. This will give committee time to photograph tree for website and set up for the Private Preview party starting at 6:30pm. 

  • Check in with the Festival Committee desk before putting up your tree to receive a tree bag and instructions and provide the “Fair Market Value” of your tree. 

  • Please provide an 8’-10’ extension cord with your tree. All trees must be checked out with Festival Committee, upon completion.  

Note: All donated trees, wreaths and items become the property of Festival of Trees. You may obtain a receipt for tax purposes but if you claim a charitable contribution, you are responsible for documenting the cost to the IRS. 

Note: Christmas themed trees sell best. Non-Christmas trees are harder to sell, but certainly welcomed and enjoyed. 

All decorations must be wired onto the wreath. 

Suggested Equipment Checklist for Decorating Day: 

  •  Wire matching the color of your tree 

  •  Wire cutters, needle nose pliers with side cuts 

  •  Boxes for decorations that are displayed under the tree 

  • Glue sticks, glue guns 

  • extension cords 

  • Scissors 

  • Ladders or stools to reach the height of your tree 


Tall Trees: must not be taller than 7.5 feet including the tree topper and include a very sturdy stand that is securely attached. Trees will not be able to be transported in trucks without damaging if they are taller than 7.5’. 
Tabletop trees: should be no shorter than 3’. 


Note: The festival accepts new, or gently used (must absolutely look like new), artificial trees in fabulous condition with sturdy stands that have been attached. 


Securing your tree for Transport:  

  •  All Trees must be supported on a very durable metal or heavy plastic stand and securely attached to tree post.  Stands will be inspected at check in. 

  • Collapsible stands must be glued or wired open Add zip ties and center pole. 

  • Tree branches must be wired or zip-tied to the stem if they are the removable kind of branch. 

  • Trees that come in sections and need to be put together must have a center pole to reinforce the tree ‘trunk’. You may want to reinforce your tree with a length of rebar or some other type of pole that runs the entire length of your tree and is attached to the trunk using hose clamps. 

  • All ornaments must be either wired, glued or zip-tied to the branches of the tree.  This includes the Tree-topper. 


All lights must be in good working order and wired to the tree.  

Underneath it all: A tree skirt is required for your tree. 

Special Note:  
Objects that enhance your tree can be placed under tree to add a finishing touch as well as increase the selling appeal, but they are not required. Please provide a box to transport any objects you are placing under your tree. Leave the box with the festival committee upon check out. 
If you are including gift certificates, please attach only copies to/or underneath your tree. Place all original gift certificates in an envelope with your tree number and give to committee upon checking out. Provide a sign listing the gift certificates and their value under the tree.  

           The Festival Committee will deliver the original gift certificates with the delivery of your tree. 


  • The festival will provide a sign which will include the Name of the tree, Decorators and Sponsors. 

  • We will also provide one easel to put the “sponsor and decorators” sign on.  

  • Any other signs must be approved by the festival committee before placing it by your tree. If you have a special story or theme about your tree, you are welcome to place a small sign or poster next to your tree for explanation. For instance, “In memory of”, “a magical experience”, “dedicated to”, etc. 

  • Because the Festival of Trees is about Seniors in Need, individual business flyers or cards will not be permitted to be passed out by your tree. However, you can attach a business card to a gift basket under your tree.  

  • We will also provide a daily program of entertainment with all the Festival Sponsors/Tree Contributors listed. Sponsors only will be able to display marketing brochures on a specified table. 


Tickets for the Private Preview Party  

If interested in attending, please contact Regina 830-832-0089. The Private Preview Event is set up to auction trees to a group that is highly interested in buying a tree before the public has seen them. 

Questions and Support: 
Regina Yockey 830-832-0089 


Tell your friends and neighbors about the festival and the possibility of purchasing a fully decorated tree for their home, family, business etc. Think about donating a tree to a nursing homes, children’s home or hospital. 

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